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Buying and selling your home can be stressful enough. Now, imagine adding the stress of relocating to a new city on top of it. MaxWell Challenge Realty associates are her to help. With extensive knowledge of Edmonton and surrounding area real estate and a passion for helping clients find that dream home, our associates are perfect for all your Edmonton and area relocation needs.

Here are some tips for relocating to Edmonton and area.

1. Maximize your time. Relocating to Edmonton will surely mean one or two exploratory visits to view properties. Let MaxWell Challenge Realty associates carefully plan your viewings and truly MAXimize your time.

2. TALK TALK TALK. Let your MaxWell Challenge associate about your wants and needs when it comes to your

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When buying a home it’s easy to get caught up on the seller’s choice of decor.  A dark paint color or oversized furniture can make a space feel much smaller than it really is or super trendy designs can wow us and take our focus off of what’s below the surface.  How do we look past what’s on the surface so we can accurately assess if a house is capable of meeting our needs.


Measure your own furniture and take some photos of your furniture with you on viewings. This will help you look past the seller’s furniture and help you visualize your own in the space. Knowing the dimensions of your furniture will allow you to accurately gauge whether your furniture will fit easily in the space.


Look beyond the walls. Though it’s human nature to react

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Buying your first home can be the biggest adventure that you’ll ever embark upon. Most often, just getting started can be your greatest hurdle. Where does one even begin? Mortgages, banks, real estate agents, lawyers…it can be a lot to sift through. Did you know that MaxWell Challenge agents have often built a local network of all of the above noted professionals? That’s right, not only can they buy and sell real estate, they can typically facilitate the entire process by recommending other licensed professionals to help you along the journey. MaxWell Challenge agents understand the entire scope of the real estate process and the importance of a strong referral network.

A MaxWell Challenge agent is armed with incredibly powerful technology, designed to

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Beautiful west Edmonton is an ideal area for those searching for Edmonton real estate. Home to the prestigious West Edmonton mall, breathtaking river valleys, the Valley Zoo and so much more, anything you could possibly need is just moments from your doorstep. Established communities such as Glenora, Laurier, Wolf Willow, and Lewis Estates each offer their own architectural and design elements – there’s really something for everyone!

But how does one get started buying and selling west Edmonton real estate? At MaxWell Challenge Realty, we believe that step one should always be consulting with a licensed real estate professional who has a deep understanding and connection to the city or area that you want to live in. The challenge office has been a

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Buying a home in Edmonton can lead to many so many questions…

How much can I spend? (HINT: Preapproval by a qualified Edmonton mortgage specialist will help you determine what’s safe to spend)

Who’s going to help me spend it wisely? (HINT: A MaxWell Challenge agent knows the value of professional integrity. You can rest assured that our team will have your best interest at heart)

Where do I go to find listings that meet my needs? (HINT: A MaxWell Challenge agent can be as hands on or off as you would like. Outside of personally showing you properties, Challenge agents can provide you with access to powerful home searching tools and technology to ensure you get MAXimum information with LITTLE invasion)

What area of Edmonton do I want to live in?

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Welcome to MaxWell Challenge Realty's, one of Edmonton’s premier home buying websites. MaxWell Challenge Realty is located in West Edmonton and this busy real estate office is home to over 90 Associates, ready to help you buy or sell your Edmonton and area home. With extensive knowledge in both residential real estate and commerciall real estate, there is a MaxWell Challenge agent for everyone.

 MaxWell Challenge agents are armed with powerful tools and technology that will aid in the process of buying Edmonton Real Estate. Home buyers will rest easy knowing that they can obtain real estate information in whatever way they prefer, there’s a platform for everyone!

 MaxWell Challenge agents know the value of MAXimum exposure

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Why You Should Hire A Professional When Buying A Home! | Keeping Current Matters

Many people wonder whether they should hire a real estate professional to assist them in buying their dream home or if they should first try to go it on their own. In today’s market: you need an experienced professional!

You Need an Expert Guide if you are Traveling a Dangerous Path

The field of real estate is loaded with land mines. You need a true expert to guide you through the dangerous pitfalls that currently exist. Finding a home that is priced appropriately and ready for you to move in to can be tricky. An agent listens to your wants and needs, and can sift out the homes that do not fit within the parameters of your “dream home”.

A great agent will also have relationships with mortgage professionals and other experts that you will need

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Ahh, the big city. Sure the prices are generally higher, but you can walk to a restaurant, maybe even to work. You’ll also have the widest range of housing options.


Newer schools, newer shopping centres, bigger yards, bigger homes, no wonder so many people love the suburbs.

Smaller Cities and Towns

There are many wonderful self-contained communities and compared to the big city, you can save a bundle.


If you like the idea of owning land how about a few acres all to yourself? Seclusion is not for everybody, but for some, it’s heaven.

Next, decide what type of home you want

By now, you probably have a good idea of what type of home is right for you. To familiarize you with the terminology, here’s a quick

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