January 2018

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When buying a home it’s easy to get caught up on the seller’s choice of decor.  A dark paint color or oversized furniture can make a space feel much smaller than it really is or super trendy designs can wow us and take our focus off of what’s below the surface.  How do we look past what’s on the surface so we can accurately assess if a house is capable of meeting our needs.


Measure your own furniture and take some photos of your furniture with you on viewings. This will help you look past the seller’s furniture and help you visualize your own in the space. Knowing the dimensions of your furniture will allow you to accurately gauge whether your furniture will fit easily in the space.


Look beyond the walls. Though it’s human nature to react

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Buying your first home can be the biggest adventure that you’ll ever embark upon. Most often, just getting started can be your greatest hurdle. Where does one even begin? Mortgages, banks, real estate agents, lawyers…it can be a lot to sift through. Did you know that MaxWell Challenge agents have often built a local network of all of the above noted professionals? That’s right, not only can they buy and sell real estate, they can typically facilitate the entire process by recommending other licensed professionals to help you along the journey. MaxWell Challenge agents understand the entire scope of the real estate process and the importance of a strong referral network.

A MaxWell Challenge agent is armed with incredibly powerful technology, designed to

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