End of Season Gardening- How to Prep Your Garden for Fall

Posted by Gary Zimmel (Admin) on Thursday, August 16th, 2018 at 2:11pm.

If there's one thing Edmonton home owners know, it's that our Summer gardening season is incredibly short

September in Edmonton can be a little erratic weather wise, which is why it's important to start prepping for garden for fall long before the cool weather hits. Prepping your garden for cooler weather can also lead to a better garden in the Spring-this is especially important for homeowners looking to list their home next summer. Read on to discover our favourite pre-Fall Gardening tips!

Examine Your Space


Perhaps the most important pre-Fall tip one can give you is to examine your garden- both at its peek and as it starts to slow down. Look for bald patches of soil that require amendments, overgrown plants that need to be decided, which bulbs need to be collected and which herbs need to be moved indoors once the weather begins to cool down.

Organize your Herbs


If you would like to enjoy fresh herbs all year round, take note of potted herbs that will have to be moved indoors once the weather becomes cooler and organize where you will put them inside. If you are already experiencing cooler evening or daytime weather move the pots to a warmer corner of the porch that gets some sunlight.

Begin Emptying the Rain Barrel

If you have been collecting rain in a barrel for your gardening needs, you need to drain it completely before the onset or the first frost. Mid-August is the perfect time to begin emptying- just remember to drain the barrel and clean it after removing pipes and tubes. This will reduce the chances of frozen water damaging it.

Check for Damaged Branches


To make sure that people and property are not damaged by rotting branches, check all of them for signs of damaged branches. This is easier in fall when some of the trees shed their leaves, leaving the branches bare and easier to inspect. If you spot anything amiss, get the branches removed.

App Weed Product

Most gardeners recommend that weed killer be applied twice on the lawn each year. In Fall you need to apply killer to get rid of the seeds that have landed in the Summer. This will mean the emergence of fewer weeds in the Spring when the lawn revives.

Save this task for the end of August when the kids and pets aren't spending as much time outside- most weed products need at least a few hours to some into the soil.

Preparing your garden in late Summer and Fall is a great way to ensure you're off to the best possible start next Spring. Do you have any gardening tips? Share them in the comments below!




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